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Executive Committee & Officers

The local Executive Committee and Officers see to the running of the group and keep in touch with the national Mensa organization. Contact them when you have questions, ideas, or suggestions. A word from your LocSec


Regional Vice-Chair: Baker Ring |
Acts as liaison between Triad Mensa and the American Mensa Committtee (AMC).  Carries out the policies and programs formulated by AMC.

Elected members of the Executive Committee

LocSec/Chairman: Bruce Ellington |
As administrator of Triad Mensa, presides at all meetings of the membership. Is the chief point of contact between AML and Triad Mensa. The LocSec passes information to and from Triad Mensa and AML in a timely fashion, and is liaison with other local groups. Is ex officio member of all committees except the Election and Nominating Committees.

Deputy LocSec: David Roberts |
Assists the LocSec, presides over meetings in the absence of the LocSec, and automatically succeeds to the office of LocSec if that becomes vacant. Deputy LocSec shall keep the minutes of the ExComm meeting and takes on duties which may be assigned by the LocSec and Excomm when needed.

Treasurer: Brian Stumpfig |
Is responsible for the financial matters of Triad Mensa (receives, holds and disburses monies). Shall make quarterly reports to the membership and submit a semi-annual financial report to the ExComm that shall also be published in the newsletter. Treasurer also maintains a listing of all equipment owned by Triad Mensa.

Member-at-large: Jim Martinez |
The Member At Large represents the general membership on issues of interest or concern, particularly those that arise outside of the standing committee structure. The MAL listens to membership and communicates their issues, needs and interests to the Executive Committee. The MAL could conduct projects to further the goals of the group or to develop services for the membership, in which case The MAL could serve as chair of any ad hoc committee formed to develop these projects.

Appointed members of the Executive Committee

Publications Officer: Ken Mayo
Is responsible for picking up, assembling, and mailing the newsletter, TM,.

Program Chair: Charles Sappington |
Arranges Triad Mensa activities, coordinating and advising officers and editor of these activities. Encourages and requests input from other members in program planning.

Membership Chair: Wendi Cusins |
Contacts and greets new members and plans orientation activities for them. Promotes membership retention programs. Where needed will work with Area Coordinators to increase local community events.

Other Officers and Appointees

Editor: Graham Helsabeck |
As Communicator for Triad Mensa, is responsible for the newsletter, TM, providing the monthly calendar of events. Publishes notices of meetings and programs, ballots, results of meetings, and other printed materials as needed for communications among the membership. Is accountable to the ExComm for the contents of TM, furnishing a forum for officers and members.

Public Relations: Adam Castevens |
Creates ways and means for Triad Mensa to be put in the public eye as often as needed, especially focusing on Testing Sessions and the Scholarship Program. Prepares news releases and arranges for members to maintain booths at local activities.

Scholarship Program Chair: David Roberts |
Coordinates Triad Mensa's participation in the annual Mensa Foundation Scholarship Competition, starting in September. Publicizes the program via TM, via this website, and by mail to schools located in Triad Mensa's area. Recruits members who judge the essays in late January.

Testing Coordinator: Wendi Cusins  |
Handles the administrative details of Triad Mensa's testing program and acts as the liaison between proctors and Triad Mensa as well as the prospects and proctors. The coordinator reserves testing locations and assigns prospects accordingly. Maintains testing supplies, and seeks members to become certified proctors for the group. A Proctor Coordinator, in addition to the above, is a certified proctor who can also administer supervised tests.

Ombudsman/Mediator: Kimberly Workman  |
Serves as mediator for disputes within Triad Mensa and shall be an arbitrator available to serve as a representative to a Regional hearings Committee. He/she cannot be a member of the ExComm, nor serve on the NomCom or Election Committee.

Webmaster: Brian Stumpfig |
Maintains information on website and provides liaison with AML.

Service of Information, Guidance, and Hospitality to Travelers (S.I.G.H.T.) Coordinator: Kelvin Settle |
Assists Mensans who are traveling.  Provides information on local Mensa activities and local accommodations or attractions. Conscientiously responds to all inquiries and offers suggestions. The Coordinator is under no personal obligation to the traveler.

Gifted Children Chair (available)
Leads Triad Mensa's Young Mensan activities, keeping parents informed of services provided and how they can assist. Plays a key role in building and sustaining Mensa involvement for children at a local level. Schedules events for children that are also appropriate for adult members.

Administers supervised tests to prospects, thus often becoming the first person that a potential member meets. The proctor's perspective and opinion of Mensa; may determine whether a successful candidate becomes a member or not. The proctor's work is considerably important to the healthy growth of Triad Mensa, and AML.

  • Burlington -
  • Greensboro - Ellen Muratori
  • High Point - 
  • Winston-Salem -
Area Coordinators
The Area Coordinator is contact person for the area assigned, responding to inquiries from members or prospects, and developing activities within that area. Promotes a sense of belonging for those members who may reside in the outer fringes of Triad Mensa. Any member can ask to be an Area Coordinator. The locations are not limited to the following:
  • Burlington....
  • Greensboro.... Ellen Muratori
  • High Point.... Max Harless
  • Winston-Salem....Barb Ford

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