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 Wednesday Lunches

Conversations at lunches are never-ending.  Those of us who take this interlude from bread-and-butter work have to drag ourselves back to work.  We've tried bringing the topic of BOOKS to the table, but the talk always leads into something else. Thus, a newcomer to Triad Mensa brought up the subject of Theater outings.  Another member posed the question: What are the pros and cons of conducting a business from one's home?  Another "regular" delights us with witticisms and puns, and his spouse fills us in with her involvement with clown costumes. Two members engaged in a ping-pong of conversation that almost got heated. A new member on another occasion listened intently as the "veterans" gave him an earful of The Mensa Experience! The topics are ever-changing and the opinions are just as varied.  Join us with your specialty. 

Games Night

Some of the games that we play are: Dominoes Mexican Train (a tile-color matching game), Sequence (another matching game, but with cards), Quiddler (a spelling game), Perudo (a bluffing game), Carcassonne (a landscape-design game), Great Dalmuti (something like musical chairs without the music). Sound simple? You bet! The charge we get is in the fellowship, so y'all come! Anybody have Scattagories or Trivial Pursuit? Please bring.


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